Vins & Vignobles has been established as a wine import wholesale and distribution company in 2015 dedicated to be the leader in the wine import business with a small portfolio that resonates with our values and work ethics.

Each wine we carry is hand selected and represent its terroir beautifully. Working with family owned wineries practicing sustainability has given us an integrity determined and distinguished portfolio that pleases the retailers and the consumers.

We give the same attention and love to every bottle we sell, we don’t have overstock that we need to get rid of. All our wines are of a great quality.

We have grown exponentially, and we have been adding more wines that fits the criteria listed above every year.

Yes! We do get sold out of items a lot, but we think it’s a good problem to have. It shows that our wines are desirable, and our retailers and consumers don’t mind waiting for the next batch. We inform them when the winery will be bottling the next vintage and when to expect it.

We have been expanding our operation to WA, NY, NJ, CA, FL and TX.